Should You Keep or Replace Bad Cleaning Service
Signs of Bad Cleaning Service

Bad Cleaning Service – Can It Be Fixed or Is It Time to Replace

When you hire a commercial cleaner, you deserve to get what you’re paying for. You shouldn’t have to remind your janitors to clean or disinfect every room, and your supply closet should always be stocked for your convenience. If you have to constantly keep tabs on your cleaner, that’s the first sign that they’re not giving you their best work.

Even if you’re happy with your existing commercial cleaning company, it never hurts to assess where improvements can be made. Let’s take a look at how to set commercial cleaning standards and get the best work from your janitor.

Signs of Bad Cleaning Service

Poor service quality is a sure sign that you need to replace your existing janitorial company, especially since the lack of quality often leads to other issues. If you’re experiencing bad cleaning service, these are signs it’s time to make a switch

  • Certain rooms go uncleaned, or trash does not get emptied 
  • Hand soap or restroom paper products are not regularly restocked 
  • The cleaning service has a high janitor turnover rate, leading to personnel issues 
  • The cleaning service uses old, worn out, or low-quality equipment 
  • You have to call about the same issue several times, and/or the cleaning service is difficult to get in touch with 
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Can the Bad Cleaning Service You’re Receiving Be Fixed?

Although it’s possible to solve issues you’re having with your cleaning service, truly bad janitorial companies cannot be fixed. Frequent issues with quality and communication are indicative of problems with the cleaning company as a whole, and these problems won’t be fixed with the occasional phone call. 

For example, if your restrooms are often out of toilet paper and hand soap, it makes sense to call your janitorial service to nip this issue in the bud. If your commercial cleaner takes pride in its work and handles itself professionally, you’ll never have to make that call again. 

But if you continue to notice this problem even after speaking with your cleaning service, it says a lot about how they operate – and that’s not something you can fix. 

What Is the Cancellation Policy?

Before you decide to move forward with firing your cleaning company, make sure to review your contract agreement. Your contract should contain details regarding the timeframe, conditions, and method of cancellation.

It’s important to note that, in certain regions, cancellation may not be permitted unless you can provide evidence that the janitorial service is failing to fulfill its obligations. However, in California, the home state of BAJFI, it is unlawful to enforce a 12-month contract.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning Service 

If you’ve decided that enough is enough and it’s time to move on, you’ll need to find a replacement. As you begin your search, be sure to make all of your expectations clear from the start. Although similar expectations may apply across general janitorial services, each business’ needs may vary significantly.  

Go over exactly what needs to be done in order for them to meet your standards and properly maintain the premises. Additionally, provide detailed instructions for any one-off projects that need completion as well as any extra duties outside of their normal routine that might be required throughout their engagement with you. 

Once you’ve discussed these points up front, take some time later on down the line to evaluate how everything is going; communication will be important here in making sure everyone involved is on the same page about even minor issues or complaints that arise with regards to cleanliness or other factors concerning their performance. Make it known aloud which changes must occur in order for satisfaction levels remain high. 

If you do this, you should be able to get the best work from your new janitor

When Replacement Is Necessary and How to Proceed

When considering a replacement cleaning company, it is important to evaluate all aspects of the new business. There are several key elements to look for when researching potential janitorial services. 

First, make sure the company is highly rated and has an established track record of customer satisfaction. Ask questions about their methods, level of training for employees, type of equipment used and other specifics that may be applicable to your facility’s needs. Make sure the provider offers the right balance between cost savings and superior performance standards which meet your expectations. 

In addition to evaluating these issues, you should also carefully assess competing contracts prior to signing one. Thoroughly read through all documents before committing so you understand exactly what’s included in your agreement – both financially and logistically – and feel confident in selecting a reputable supplier who best meets your needs. 

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