Here’s How to Handle Bad Cleaning Service

3 Tips for Solving Issues with Cleaning Services  

Are you dissatisfied with your cleaning company?  

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that a clean office is non-negotiable. As Forbes notes, the average person is much more aware of cleanliness than ever before, so it looks like disinfecting and other advanced janitorial services are here to stay. 

Businesses must remain vigilant when it comes to cleaning. Failing to do so could put workers at risk or even result in missed opportunities or lost customers. The last thing you need is to be understaffed during your busiest months or to miss your revenue goals due to these preventable issues.   

Outsourcing regular cleaning and proper disinfecting for retail spaces, residential areas, offices, and service-based businesses is guaranteed to make your life easier as long as you’re happy with the janitorial service you hire! 

If your cleaning service is frustrating, underwhelming, or even just “OK,” then they’re not doing the job you hired them to do. Just because you signed a contract doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad cleaning service. 

Let’s take a look at what bad cleaning service looks like and if it’s something you’re experiencing, what you can do about it. 

Common Commercial Cleaning Issues 

Over the years, we’ve found that three things are the main reasons businesses end up switching their janitorial services:  

Misleading Pricing 

A “deep cleaning” of your office should have clearly defined tasks discussed, and the price should be agreed upon from the start. Despite this, some janitorial companies are vague when it comes to costs. 

This lack of clarity can result in a more expensive recurring bill than you budgeted for. Intentionally vague or confusing price points also make it easy for these cleaning services to increase fees later on. 

Lack of pricing clarity is a major red flag, but so is pricing that falls below the market rate. The cheapest option often isn’t the best. In fact, a dramatically lower quote is typically a result of poor training, dated or inferior cleaning equipment, and other forms of corner cutting.  

A good cleaning service will offer transparent pricing that looks like this: 

  • Transparent descriptions to detail each item you want to have cleaned in your office 
  • An itemized list of areas that will be cleaned and disinfected 
  • Cost per line item so that you know exactly how much each specific need costs 
  • Descriptions of janitorial services to be completed by their team as well as how and why team members are necessary for the job 

Bad Communication 

Few things are more frustrating than poor communication, especially when dealing with a service you’re paying good money for. A good janitorial service should address your needs or concerns within 24 hours. 

COVID-19 exposures, for example, must be dealt with as fast as possible. In certain industries, environmental hazards and spills can create significant safety concerns for your employees. When time is of the utmost importance, can you really rely on a cleaning service with consistently bad communication? 

Scheduling jobs or service with your cleaning company should be intuitive and easy. Up-to-date alerts and notifications should be used to keep you in the loop. You need a cleaning service with solid quality control procedures to ensure everything is handled properly. 

If your janitorial service isn’t responsive to your requests or transparent about the work they’ve done, problems are guaranteed to arise.  

Unprofessional Cleaners 

Professionalism always matters, especially when operating a business. You shouldn’t have to put up with unprofessional cleaning services. 

If your cleaners are unprofessional, you’ve probably dealt with some of these issues: 

  • Cleaners being careless, potentially damaging your property 
  • Janitors prioritizing speed over cleanliness, leaving some surfaces dirty or poorly sanitized 
  • Low-quality or inefficient tools and equipment, some of which may lead to blunders on the job 

Even if the janitors from your cleaning service work after business hours, you need to be able to trust anyone who sets foot inside your doors. Your business may suffer if the cleaning company does not adequately screen or train its employees. 

Don’t just assume that your cleaning service is hiring reputable workers. As a business owner, you have the right to ask any cleaning service about their training and employee screening protocols. 

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Tips for Solving These Janitorial Problems

If you’re unsatisfied with your cleaning service, you might be tempted to fire them and look elsewhere. While this is always an option, there are a few things to be aware of prior to doing so: 

  1. Review Your Contract 
    When you chose your existing janitorial service, you had to sign a contract. Find your copy of your contract to see what options you have. Often, contracts have stipulations related to the timeframe, conditions, and manner of cancellation.  
    Depending on where you live, you may not be able to cancel your contract unless you can prove your cleaning service is not fulfilling its responsibilities. In California, where BAJFI is based, it is illegal to hold someone to a 12-month contract.  
  1. Review Their Customer Service Policy 
    If your cleaning service has a customer service policy, they may have details related to the scope of their services, training, and procedures. A customer service policy may also list the expectations they have for their employees.  
    If you believe this cleaning company has been deceptive or dishonest about their services, this may be your way to call them to the carpet. 
  1. Consider Putting Your Janitorial Service on Probation 
    Bad cleaning service is frustrating, but perhaps you’re not ready to cut ties just yet. If you’re aware of your contract options and the company’s customer service policy, you can use this information to put your cleaning service on probation. 
    Use this probationary period as an opportunity to set clearly defined expectations for your cleaning service. If they continue to deliver subpar janitorial services, then it’s time to find a replacement.  

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