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BAJFI Commercial Cleaning Standards

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. has a robust compliance department with an unmatched focus on safety, management, resources, communication, and professionalism. From our customers and the areas we serve down to each worker we dispatch in the Bay Area, our standards meet regulatory requirements as well as your individual needs.

The success of our client’s operations depend on the strength of the crew assigned to clean their office. Because we understand this, BAJFI has the most successful force in Bay Area janitorial services. With our dedicated representatives, we provide one-on-one service which reflects our delivery of outstanding industry cleaning.

Our Standard Janitorial Services

We take special care to make certain the crews servicing your facility or office are of the highest caliber with a thorough vetting process and continuous training.

Janitorial Services

OSHA Standards for Janitorial Services

Professional regulatory standards are nothing new to the staff at BAJFI. We have a long reputation of providing quality janitorial services to industries including healthcare, education, childcare facilities, and manufacturers just to name a few.

Safety is taken seriously at BAJFI, and we comply with any required OSHA standards when it comes to your individual facility or office.

ISSA Commercial Cleaning

Does your facility require an in depth review of cleanliness? You need not look further. BAJFI employs the rigorous cleaning and testing practiced established by ISSA Standards and Certifications. Leave it to us to provide the training and experience to your high traffic spaces to continuously improve your location’s cleaning processes.