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Industries Served by BAJFI

Bay Area Janitorial Force’s service providers are experienced in a large number of commercial and industrial workplaces. From small business offices to large industrial facilities, we create a clean environment for you, your employees and customers. We will match your needs with a dedicated janitor that can provide you with exception service.

Small Businesses & Medical Office Facilities

Being a “Force” is something we have prided ourselves in for years. In the office, you are the force that drives the company and maintains the level of excellence you aspire to. The office allows you to feel the greatest importance and moments of inspiration throughout each workday.

BAJFI understands that your office should mirror professionalism and attention to detail. You deserve to have a partner that understands this and one that you can count on. We can be trusted in your most confidential areas.

At BAJFI, all of our janitors must complete background checks and we train all of our workers with the importance of maintaining privacy. You can count on us to adhere to the strictest of regulations.

Corporation and Businesses

Here at BAJFI, we provide the most cost-effective solutions and we will determine the best course of action for your facility by getting to know the minute details of your business. All businesses and corporation are different, and each provides special challenges and attention, along with posing different safety challenges…. We get it!

Safety is number one with us. Our supervisors have a variety of resources to assist your workers in completing their tasks in the best environment.


A happy congregation will most likely return time and again if their house of worship is clean and healthy. Let us help you retain the dedicated worshippers by keeping your sanctuary, offices, restrooms and halls immaculate.

Child Care Centers

Most everyone can understand the importance of sanitation in child care facilities. A breeding ground for germs and bacteria. At BAJFI, we take pride in recognizing how difficult it is to maintain a level of cleaning that is both acceptable and required for childcare centers. Let us be the one to allow you to concentrate on watching and teaching the little ones without worrying about how clean the floors and walls will be in the morning. We sanitize all horizontal surfaces and restroom facilities at a very high standard. All, while using the most environmentally safe and trusted cleaning products and procedures.

Schools & Education Facilities

BAJFI serves the Bay Area’s educational communities, as we offer janitorial and services to both public, and private schools, technical trade institutions and small colleges.

It is commonly known that schools have many personnel and students along with events which breed a multitude of viruses and germs. The CDC estimates that approximately 20 million lost days at work due to the everyday common diseases, such as a cold. A large attention to preventing and eliminating germs is necessary in maintain the cleanliness of our schools We will keep them healthy, safe and clean. We offer a guarantee that our most dedicated attention using our quality control evaluation and follow-up will increase the safety and health in your facility!

Apartment & Condo Common Area

BAJFI recognizes the importance of maintaining a level of cleaning within the common areas of any Strata building will help alleviate any concerns of your visitors and tenants. Let us help you keep those complaints to a minimum so you can focus on the important tenant services you provide.

Commercial Office Space

All offices are not the same. BAJFI recognizes the differences and unique services each business offers. We also know how to give your customer the first impression you want them to remember. First impressions, after all are important to any visitor you may encounter.

Employees too, will feel more comfortable, work harder, and have a better attitude if they are not having to worry about trash cans over-flowing, dust bunnies attacking in all directions, and paper debris accumulating at historical rates.

At BAJFI, we know you not only need a “Force” to overcome daily cleaning issues, but YOU NEED THE BEST!

Property Management Companies

At BAJFI, we have many property management companies that we serve and we are keeping potential renters, buyers, and tenants happy. Which is the cornerstone of your business. A clean office presents itself as one that cares about appearance and professional appearance is a must.

Dependability. Trust. Experience

A “Force” you can Depend on!

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