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6 Signs It’s Time to Switch Janitorial Services

If you’re unhappy with the janitorial company currently handling your office cleaning, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, working with a few bad contractors makes it all too easy to become discouraged and assume there aren’t better alternatives out there.

Not to mention, the janitorial services marketplace is often crowded and confusing, so it’s easier to just accept the average or even below average cleaning services you’re used to.

But even though the cleanliness of your workspace isn’t your number one priority most of the time, you shouldn’t accept mediocrity from your commercial janitorial service. Believe it or not, it’s not impossible to find an affordable, responsive company that delivers exceptional janitorial services.

If you’re still not convinced, here are six signs it’s time to start looking for a new janitorial service:

1) They’re Slow to Respond

Availability is the best ability, so if your janitorial service isn’t available when you need them–or they’re just not getting back to you–that’s a legitimate issue. Sure, mistakes happen and all companies have busy periods, but if your Bay Area cleaning company isn’t quick to answer your service requests, the maintenance of your property is going to suffer.

If you’re having this issue on a regular basis, then your janitorial service is putting you between a rock and a hard place: Either live with their poor response time or spend excess time micromanaging them.

Neither option sounds great, so it might be time for you to switch janitorial services.

2) They’re Not Compliant with Laws or Industry Standards

Did you know that your business could be fined for trusting a janitorial business that isn’t compliant with laws and industry standards? It’s true!

A prime example is the Property Service Workers Protection Act AB-1978, which protects janitorial workers by shielding them from sexual harassment and/or assault and provides protection to wage claims and retaliation.

Any janitorial company that has at least one employee and one janitor must register with the State of California Department of Labor Relation and complete training on handling adverse relationships.

Is your current janitorial service provider in compliance with AB-1978? If not, they could be fined $100 per day and up to $10,000 for non-compliance. Even worse, customers like you could be fined somewhere between $2,500 and $25,000 per infraction just for using a non-compliant janitorial service.

So, make sure to ensure your janitorial service is compliant. If they aren’t, it’s definitely time for a switch.

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3) Their Value Doesn’t Justify Their Cost

No matter how large or small your janitorial budget is, you deserve to get the services you pay for. You shouldn’t have to ask for good service and you definitely shouldn’t have to regularly remind your cleaning company to do their job properly.

When you get a bill from your janitorial company, do you feel like you’re getting a good value? Or do you look around your facilities and feel like the results don’t match with the bill? If it’s the latter, consider looking into making a switch.

4) The Quality of Work is Poor or Inconsistent

You can be sure your janitorial service will bill you consistently, so shouldn’t you expect a consistent performance from your janitors?

It’s not difficult to tell when your cleaning crew has been underperforming. Maybe they regularly miss spots while vacuuming or the windows are streaky. Maybe it looks like an entire room went untouched. If you’re noticing these issues, your employees and customers will notice them, too.

Don’t keep paying your janitorial service if they’re going to do a poor job. It’s that simple.

5) They’re Living in the Past

These days, cleaning isn’t as simple as having a mop and bucket on hand. There’s actually a lot of science behind what janitors do on a daily basis. To effectively clean a facility, janitors require training – both general and industry-specific. The better the training your janitorial service’s employees receive, the better they will be at their jobs.

Proper training includes best practices, safe chemical storage and use, effective cleaning strategies, and more. If your janitorial service doesn’t treat their employees like the professionals they are and offer regular training, they’re living in the past.

Don’t settle for outdated cleaning methods and standards. If your current janitorial service isn’t up to par, consider finding a company that is.

6) They’ve Lost Your Trust

Trust is earned each and every time your facility is cleaned. Even if your cleaning company has provided awesome service for years, they can lose your trust if their performance falls off.

Every situation is unique. Maybe they’re not as responsive as they once were, or the quality of work just isn’t where it needs to be. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is the same: They’ve lost your trust.

If this has happened to you, and they haven’t made the effort to repair the relationship, it’s time to say goodbye.

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