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San Francisco Bay Area’s number one “Force” in the janitorial and cleaning industry. We have more than 60 dedicated janitorial supervisors in the entire area every day providing the personal service that our customers expect. Bay Area Janitorial Force has delivered exceptional service through the janitorial teams and we are setting the highest standards available.

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Professional Office Cleaning Services Include

floor cleaning maintenance

Floor Maintenance VCT, Concrete Tile

Routine machine scrubbing, and spray buffing is a necessity if your building has VCT, concrete or tile flooring. Floor maintenance can include sealing, polishing, stripping and waxing.
floor steaming

Carpet Care

Our professional carpet cleaning services will reduce germs, bacteria and mold as well as stains, and effects of wear. Restore your carpet to its natural appearance and protect the everlasting integrity.
restroom janitorial cleaning

Restroom Sanitation

Your office or facility will need to consistently maintain a clean restroom to uphold a healthy work environment. Services include sanitizing toilets, urinals, sinks, refilling dispensers, emptying trash receptacles and more.
glass cleaning

Window Washing

Window washing services include storefront windows, sliding doors, as well as fixed pane and specialty windows.
floor wax stripping janitorial

Strip and Wax

Stripping and waxing your commercial flooring can remove grime and prevent further damage. Stripping old wax from your floor will remove dirt buildup, and adding a new layer will prevent scuffs and scratches.
surface cleaning dusting janitorial

High and Low Dusting

Dusting the hard-to-reach places is vital to ensuring a complete cleaning service. High and low dusting includes furniture, windows areas, light fittings, ceiling fans, vents, cables, and more.
window cleaning

Partition glass cleaning

Ensuring your glass partitions are clean goes a long way in setting a strong first impression. Remove fingerprints, stains, and any other marks.

Porter Services

Porters work throughout the day to ensure constant cleanliness through the building. Typical porter services include lobby maintenance, cleaning common areas, entrances, restrooms, trash and debris as well as meeting set up and tear down.
cleaning products restocking

Restocking of supplies

Restocking cleaning supplies around the office such as soap, toilet tissue, paper towels, Kleenex, trash can liners, deodorizing solutions and more will save office managers time.
trash and recycling removal

Trash removal

Removing all trash cans throughout the building and taking them to a proper disposal area on each visit. Replacing dirty trash can liners when needed.
desk cleaning


Dusting needs to be done on a consistent basis throughout the building to avoid accumulating dust. It should be done weekly at the least.

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office recycling

Recycling/Waste Stream Analysis

Creating recycling plans and programs that can educate your employees on how to minimize waste.
floor cleaning

Confined Space Cleaning

Regular cleaning of confined spaces employees need to access.
floor washing industrial cleaning

Industrial / Process Cleaning

Cleaning services specific to factories, warehouses, power plants and other industrial areas.
data center cleaning

Data Center cleaning

Computer room, Exterior Hardware Cleaning, Tops of Floor Cleaning, and Underfloor Plenum Cleaning will need to be cleaned with attention to detail specific to the Data Center.
exterior janitorial cleaning

Exterior Maintenance

Pressure washing, parking lot cleaning, landscaping, rooftop cleaning, plant watering, and more.
plant watering janitorial

Plant watering

Maintaining fresh plants in your office setting is tedious, but a lively plant display provides a trusting first impression. BAJFI waters, and maintains growing plants inside and outside the building.
construction debris cleaning

Debris removal up to 6’ from building

Our janitors will clean and remove debris, trash, or any junk that is on your building premises.
floor cleaning

Parking Lot Cleaning

Service include surface sweeping for trash and debris, garage sweeping and scrubbing, seal coating, and more.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can remove mold, rust, dust, mildew, oil, grease, graffiti, gum, mud and more. Walls, roofs and other hard surfaces can be cleaned with pressure washing.
gutter cleaning roof debris cleaning

Rooftop Debris Cleaning

Roof debris can cause leaks, and damage. A clean roof creates longevity. Our janitors remove debris, trash, moss, leaves and more.
office light bulbs changing

Interior Maintenance

Maintenance includes light bulbs replacement, dishwasher usage and cleaning, stairwell sweeping, and more.