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Professional Janitorial Services for Bay Area Businesses

Bay Area Janitorial Force, INC puts an emphasis on the development and professionalism of the crews servicing our customer’s offices and facilities. Our success in providing thorough janitorial support is why we have over 200 satisfied customers across the Bay Area. Our sales executives are on the ground daily to ensure you, the customer, receive the detailed attention you expect.

Service Locations

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BAJFI delivers the highest quality janitorial services across the San Francisco Bay Area including:

High Quality Janitorial Cleaning Services

No matter where you’re located in the Bay Area, BAJFI provides dependable janitorial services specific to your facility and industry. Whether you have a small office setting and need an extra set of hands to maintain aesthetics, or your industrial setting requires specialized equipment and training to maintain OSHA and ISSA cleaning standards, we’ve got you covered.

Why Bay Area Janitorial Force

When you partner with BAJFI, you gain experienced members of your team who show the same care and dedication to your business as you and your employees. You can trust the crews working in your offices and facilities are fully licensed, insured, and trained to meet your specific needs. BAJFI sets the bar for professionalism.