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About Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc.

The Bay Area´s Leader in Providing Client Focused Quality Janitorial Solutions

Our Corporation

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. (BAJFI) understands that the attainment and happiness of reliable janitorial service and professional company management is important to the overall realization of our success. This is because of our strict adherence to the standards in our Bay Area reputation as a leader in janitorial service since our inception in 1989.

Single Focus

Customers need to concentrate on their business – basic operations, displaying their brand and know that they are working in a clean and safe environment. Janitorial service should not be in their thoughts daily as their expectations require this as an automatic. We understand…… and singularly focus our attention on our customers.

Details Matter

BAJFI ensures excellence in janitorial services and the operational execution of these services which, in turn allows your business to run smoothly and effortlessly. Forced by the expectations of our clients are services are ignited by excellent service know-how, the to-date tools needed to operate using our “Force” of experienced janitors. We have reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions covering a wide variety of businesses.

You are detail-oriented…. And we get that!

No matter the scope of work needed, we tailor our expanded contract services to our customers requested specifications. We, therefore, meet client’s needs with relational competence that gives you the best results at a reduced rate.

Also, we meet the scope of work required by our customers including budgetary scheduling, quality of service and metrics. It all boils down to the attention we provide our clients as we focus our attention to building relationships that will be long-lasting and uncompromising.

It does matter!

Dependability. Trust. Experience

A “Force” you can Depend on!