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Bay Area Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Experience

Our Strengths

The success of our client’s operations depends on the overall strength of the crew assigned to clean their office. BAJFI understands this and is why we have the most successful “Force” in Bay Area janitorial services. With our dedicated representatives we provide one-on-one service which reflects our delivery of outstanding industry standard cleaning through our field crews.

Providing training programs, the knowledge of our office team, and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we ensure efficient service at a high quality each and every day.

Training Procedures

Each time we enter your office we ensure that we know what we are doing. Our complete training program is made to meet YOUR specific needs, assuring managers, janitors, and sub-contractors are versed in correct procedures and safe implementation at each level of operational field work – from the beginning, to material maintenance, and cleaning chemical application. Safety meetings are maintained regularly to clarify, and review material previously received in training meetings.

Customer Service Desk

Our Help Desk provides 24/7 support to Your Representatives.

Knowing you can reach us 24/7 is a comfort. Have you ever had the frustration of wanting an answer and not hearing anything for days? Not here at BAJFI. We will take that frustration away and you will be assured a response within the next business day. The front desk handles the administration end so your account rep can tend to your needs.

Providing the one to one customer service makes us proud, makes you relax and believe me, we know… IT CAN BE EXHAUSTING!   

Updates in Real Time

At BAJFI we use the latest in tools including internet email, texting, facetime, and we track metrics like quality, scheduling and compliance to the work environment. All of our reps have iPads, cell phones, direct communication and 24/hr. support from the customer service desk.

We have a handle on what you need.

Dependability. Trust. Experience

A “Force” you can Depend on!

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