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Janitorial Contracts with BAJFI

Get More Janitorial Contracts When you Work with Bay Area Janitorial Force

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. works on the janitors behalf to market, solicit, and acquire commercial janitorial cleaning contracts for both large and small janitorial businesses. Let us find new contracts and provide customer service and billing assistance for you so you can focus on providing excellent services to our clients.

As a BAJFI service provider, you will receive many benefits including :

  • Advertising – We advertise throughout to Bay Area to accumulate potential customers on your behalf.
  • Marketing – Using social media, telemarketing, and direct mail we increase our presence to acquire new contracts
  • Acquisition – Once commercial business customers agree to our terms, we have them sign a yearly service contract which we then sell this contract to the janitorial service provider.
  • Billing – We will invoice all acquired customers on your behalf in advance NET 30. Once payment is collected from the customer, we then pay you, the janitor, based on your invoice submission. We constantly stay in direct contact with the customer so we can make collection calls, send email reminders, and charge late fees, if necessary
  • Customer Contact – We will consistently stay in touch with the customers, send emails, letters, holiday greetings so they keep us in the forefront and remind them we are still there on your behalf.
  • Quarterly Evaluations – We send evaluation forms to the customer and relay their evaluations to you once completed.
  • Insurance Monitoring – We will monitor and remind the janitor to file their insurance renewal each year.
  • Business license monitoring – We will monitor and remind the janitor to renew their annual business license each year.
  • State of California registration – The State Labor Commission requires ALL janitorial service providers register with the state each year. We will help direct you to the proper department to file as required by law. Under California Law AB-1978, Janitorial Workers Protection Act, the California Department of Labor Relations also requires janitorial companies to register with them each year and pay an annual fee of $500. We will help direct you and remind you of your annual renewal expiration.

Learn more about becoming a BAJFI service partner. Call Rick at: (415) 649-9685

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