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How to Get More Janitorial Cleaning Contracts With BAJFI

Remove the stress of finding your next janitorial cleaning contract by partnering with Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc.

Working with BAJFI means we manage marketing, solicitation, and acquisition of the contracts for you, no matter if you have a crew of one or 100. Get the jobs you want and deliver your professional services while BAJFI provides the customer service and billing assistance for you.

You can’t go wrong joining the Bay Area Janitorial Force. Together, we can ensure the industries and businesses in the Bay Area are in good hands.

How BAJFI Gets You More Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

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Types of Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

BAJFI vets a variety of janitorial cleaning contracts, giving you a wide range of choices to suit your area of expertise.

Education & Higher Ed

Manage areas within early childcare all the way to universities

Hospital & Healthcare

Provide cleaning with a special emphasis on infection control


Includes automotive, car dealerships, shops, work spaces, and manufacturing facilities


Provide a range of green cleaning options


Provide professionalism and confidentiality in any workplace


Offer full assistance services like floor maintenance, windows, and re-stocking

Dependability. Trust. Experience

A “Force” you can Depend on!

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