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Is your janitor even trying?! A failing grade is never acceptable. You could try setting higher expectations for your janitor, but your time would be better spent looking for a new service.

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How to Compare Commercial Cleaning Quotes

If you’re looking to hire a janitorial service, knowing how to compare professional cleaning quotes could help you find the ideal fit for your business. As much as you want a reliable, trustworthy commercial cleaner,...

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6 Signs It’s Time to Switch Janitorial Services

If you’re unhappy with the janitorial company currently handling your office cleaning, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, working with a few bad contractors makes it all too easy to become discouraged and assume there aren’t better...

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BAJFI Commercial Cleaning Standards

Our Standard Janitorial Services We take special care to make certain the crews servicing your facility or office are of the highest caliber with a thorough vetting process and continuous training. OSHA Standards for Janitorial...

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