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Janitorial Standards You Can Count On

Janitorial Standards You Can Count On

An Overview

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. has invested a large amount of resources into the creation and superiority in our compliance department. Our belief in the main topics of safety, management, resources, communication and in our personnel is above reproach. Our highest attention is on our customers, workers, and the areas we serve

Janitorial Onboarding

Bay Area Janitorial Force, Inc. (BAJFI) believes in a client-based philosophy in each department in our corporation as we select new janitors specifically for our customers. We provide the utmost in valued service to our customers. BAJFI has applied a large amount of internal methods to ensure our best practices are put to use when hiring to our force. Security background sites, such as eVerify allow us to complete a competent and correct valuation of applicants, ensuring conforming IRS forms are completely accurately, check for real-time omissions and errors, and we use the most current procedures for background and drug testing.

Also, BAJFI’s regional janitorial HR managers are specifically dedicated to on-boarding new janitors, directing current janitors and employees, scrutinizing and exercising all on-boarding procedures, and continually assimilating the latest technological answers to improve hiring procedures used in the on-boarding process. Our sales associates function as a direct point-of-contact in BAJFI’s HR department for our janitors – we handle all performance management procedures to interpret company policies.

BAJFI’s uses eVerify as our corporate verification company and we employ eVerify in all Bay Area Counties and California.

Inside Auditing Measures

In the use of the highest level of productivity and quality service to our customers, BAJFI’s Auditing Measures are vital to making sure our customers are given the attention they deserve

BAJFI has created a number of testing elements used in the auditing modules that ensure comprehensive and consistent training and procedures. Our HR department employs these fundamentals to validate our local and county managers are conversant on methods in janitorial procedures and cleaning product applications to successfully manage janitorial related issues.

You’ll be as excited in choosing us as we are to have you as a valued part of our team!

Vendor Compliance

BAJFI’s Vendor Compliance Program is made to ensure the best service techniques at every level – from hiring, to vendor selection, to current vendor compliance.

From the beginning, we make certain subcontractors and vendors experience our demanding set of standards. Potential subcontractors must prove at least two years of same level experience with spotless references, full credentials showing all applicable insurance, licenses and prerequisites have been met, and a 24-hour emergency contact number. Once contracted, our janitors complete our comprehensive on-site client-specific training programs describing your personal scope of work, safety training, proper chemical and equipment use, and the best janitorial procedures are used. Our quality assurance program tracks initiatives that are cutting edge

We take pride in assuring that our services are correctly provided to our customers at each stage of the process. Another part of being…

….one with the “Force”.

Human Resource Specialists

HR Specialists are direct to specific county locations in the Bay Area to give our customers assurance that all of their janitorial staffing issues are taken care of directly and efficiently.