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How to Disinfect your office or building

How to Disinfect your office or building

The COVID-19 pandemic will leave long-lasting effects. However, we can spin this unfortunate crisis to create a better tomorrow. Subscribing to a cleaner, and healthier future could make this the wake up call too many of us needed. 

This can be applied to your business, school, or office. If you are reopening for the first time since the pandemic, or feel it is time to be more aware of the cleanliness around you, disinfecting your office or area of business can give you a fresh start. Following these tips can help you maintain a sanitary workplace and area of business.  

Take proper sanitary measures when disinfecting 

Before starting the disinfection process, taking the proper precautions can ensure thorough office sanitization.  

This starts by wearing disposable gloves. No matter what area, or aspect of the office you are cleaning, consider using disposable gloves. Whether you are taking out the trash, cleaning off your desk, or handling cleaning products, disposable gloves must be worn.  

You should be looking to wash your hands immediately after glove use as well. Keeping hand sanitizer throughout the office can help for high-touch surfaces and after glove use. If you are using cleaning products, make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area. Consider using masks to cover your face when cleaning as well.  

If your business uses clothing, towels, linens or other items, ensure that you are wearing gloves and masks before handling items worn by others. Also, dry these items on the warmest appropriate setting, and disinfect hampers after use as well.  

Lastly, make sure to follow all the instructions on the label of any cleaning products you use to ensure effective use of your products.  

Know your cleaning products 

Following the instructions precisely for each product is important, but even more vital is understanding the correct use for each product. Some surface areas can be disinfected with soap and water.  

Higher touch surfaces may take an extra detergent, alcohol wipes, or a household disinfectant to ensure cleanliness. If needed, some areas may require a diluted household bleach solution. If using bleach, proper precautions such as gloves, masks, and ventilation are stressed and following the manufacturer’s instructions is mandatory.  

The EPA has a list of recommended household disinfectants that are suited for each area.  

Disinfect all areas 

High-touch areas such as doorknobs, tables, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, faucets and so much more should be disinfected after use. For devices such as tablets, touch screens, remotes, and keyboards, consider adding a wipeable cover.  

However, that does not mean forgetting about the lesser-used areas. Consistently disinfecting hard to reach areas, corners, and unused portions of the office can go a long way in the overall cleanliness of the office.  

Carpeted floors, rugs, and drapes should be cleaned often with soap, water, and appropriate cleaners as well.  

Disinfecting your building or facility when someone is sick  

If someone has been sick in your office or got sick in your building or facility, there are proper procedures to help restore cleanliness in your area of work.  

First, you will want to open windows and doors to help circulate air into the building. You should wait 24 hours as the air circulates before disinfecting. From there, clean off all areas used by the sick person, and any surrounding areas they may have touched throughout their day.  

Germs can linger for about seven days, so if the area has not been touched in over a week, it will not need to be disinfected.  

Educate your employees 

Setting an example by providing a clean office to work in is the start to a clean and safe office. However, employers need to follow through by educating their workers and instilling a culture of sanitary measures in the office.  

Keep them informed on proper cleaning tips as well as symptoms of COVID-19 and other potential illnesses. Give your employees instructions on what to do if they feel they have symptoms.  

Developing policies and thoroughly explaining them to your employees can show your commitment to a clean office, and set standards to be upheld. Training in areas such as PPE usage, and disposal when cleaning as well as hazardous chemical training can engrain a desire for your employees to follow through on the standards set.  

A trusted janitorial and cleaning service is of the highest recommendation. It can be hard to carve out the time going through all of these sanitary procedures and keeping up with the day-to-day maintenance of a disinfected office.  

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Adding janitorial services sets the cleanliness foundation and standard, while giving you the time to focus on employee education.  

This global pandemic will change the cleanliness and sanitation standards across the nation. Getting ahead in having a disinfected office and setting sanitary standards for your workers is the best way to present a brighter, safer, and much cleaner future.  

Get More Advice for Cleaning and Disinfecting your Facility from the Center for Disease Control.

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