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late fee for cleaning service

Understanding Late Fees for Cleaning Services

Learn more about late fees for cleaning services including how to prevent late fees and insights into industry standards and legal considerations.

What Is Included in Janitorial Services

What Is Included in Janitorial Services? 

When it comes to keeping things running smoothly in the office, cleanliness is key. Office managers juggle a lot—from making sure clients are happy to keeping costs in check—and maintaining a clean workspace is non-negotiable. Nobody wants to walk into a dirty, unkempt office and, if you’re a manager, you don’t want to stress about […]

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Our Janitorial Equipment and Products

All janitorial equipment and products are not made equally. While it may be tempting to hire a cleaning company that uses cheap janitorial equipment and products to save on costs, you may pay for it in the long run. Low-quality equipment can break more easily, and value products may not get the job done to […]

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Have You Outgrown Your Cleaning or Janitorial Services?

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at your organization is a top priority. You may be outgrowing your current janitorial services if you, your employees, or even your customers notice that cleaning tasks are not being performed frequently enough or are not up to par with your standards. Outgrowing your cleaning or janitorial services can […]

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Planning for Your Janitorial Service Costs

Running a successful business requires valuable time, resources, and preparation. Regardless of the diligence given to planning, unexpected costs can appear, narrowing profit margins and creating additional stress for decision-makers. Planning for known costs can help eliminate the financial burden of the inevitable unexpected expense, which is particularly crucial for new businesses. The investment in […]